A Love/Hate Relationship

Dear post-baby body,

How is it possible to be so insanely proud of what you went through just 15 months ago, yet still hate you with every fibre of my being at times?  I gave birth… this is not an easy task, as many can attest, and my labour wasn’t nearly as bad as it could be.

But, I’m coming to realize something: even though I feel like I’m back to normal, doesn’t mean that I am.  I’m proud to be a mum.  There’s nothing quite like it at all.  I can’t even fully describe it, to be blunt.  It’s crazy stressful & amazing all at once. Continue reading

Mum on Strike

Okay, so I realize that it’s actually impossible to go on “strike” as a mother. But, that doesn’t stop me fantasizing about it sometimes, to be completely honest. I can go weeks with dealing with no routine, a messy house, little to no option for clean clothes, a relatively empty kitchen, but then it all hits me.
I get overwhelmed & go into a crazy cleaning or purging mode. Or, I have an extra hard time getting out of bed, let alone out of my pjs for the day. Or, I stress out about finances & counter-intuitively spend money online.

Logically, I know these are bad habits to get into. I can think it out perfectly fine & realize that there are an overwhelming amount of areas that desperately need vast doses of improvement. Continue reading

And…. Break!

So, due to unexpected car expenses & then copious amounts of overspending, we’re currently in the situation of not being able to spend any money ’til the 2nd week of December.

And, of course, yesterday was Black Friday. And we went to the mall. Admittedly, it was with one of the teens we work with. And we did have a coupon for a free poutine. Somehow, we actually managed not to spend a single nickel (pennies are now obsolete here).

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Bah Humbug!

This is exactly how I feel… or more the fact that I don’t feel.  I don’t feel excited about Christmas.  For the first time in my life (as far back as I can remember), I’ve loved Christmas.  I always get super excited about it.  Growing up, our Christmas tree went up near the first weekend of November, so Christmas was a long-lived out holiday.  After getting married, my hubby & I decided to compromise between his family tradition & mine.  So, it was declared (and marked on the calendar) that Christmas in our house would start mid-November.


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Mr. Google Knows Everything

We’ve all had those moments… the ones where we want to figure something out, so we turn to the vast knowledge that is contained in our tiny computer screens.

Whatever question is bugging us or whatever information we’re searching for, we can find an answer insanely quickly. It’s to the point where “googling” something is actually a word.

My question is this…

As a Christian, why do I go to Google first?

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My “Shark Week” Brought Me and my hubby closer…

Yup… you read that right. During a time that usually is know for less “closeness”, something pretty awesome happened…

(For those who don’t understand what “shark week” is, it’s a woman’s time of month.  That term was something we saw somewhere online and adopted into our vocabulary.)

Fun fact: a shark’s brain actually is shaped similarly to something else, which makes “shark week” that much more appropriate… Seriously! Google it.

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When Reality Becomes a Dream

Currently, I’m dealing with a killer headache, so sorry in advance if this doesn’t make sense!

Something struck me last night… So often, we fantasize about what life would like if our dreams became a reality. Like having that perfect job or that perfect house or that perfect life. We spend so much time thinking about it, that we often lose site of how amazing our current reality really is.

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